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May 28 2010

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casting the whore.
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cultist erasing her soul.
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morning prayer.
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May 25 2010

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in hell, we rule your dead souls.

May 21 2010

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junicksologists don't have hearts. they have black holes inside their chest.
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high priestess.
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junicksologists believe in eternal damnation. a dying cultist transforms into a ruler of hellfire, a leader of the queen whores army.
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May 20 2010

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junicksologist prayer.
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May 16 2010

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our godess, the whore.
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May 15 2010

join this group to call yourself a junicksologist.


- get used to say no. - do what ever it takes to survive. - you don't die. you transform. - lie to yourself. - do what ever is necessary. - praise the whore. - black flowers please. - you can't become a cultist. you'll have to be born as a cultist. - you are one of the chosen ones. - be against it. everything. - nihil! nihil! - fuck and get fucked. - if someone says "no" to you, (s)he actually means "yes". - push the button and drop the bomb.
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